What People are Saying

“Pouring into kids and a community with the message of Christ through sports, like ALL IN SPORTS OUTREACH does, is a mission I can stand behind. It is all in the C.A.R.D.S. (Commitment-Accountability-Responsibility-Discipline-Sacrifice) in teaching the youth of today to make good choices.”
Tommy Bowden, Former Clemson Head Football Coach
“Several months ago I was a guest on the All In Sports Outreach Podcast. I was blessed and honored because this podcast went beyond talking about my sports accolades which means very little to me personally now,  but it talked to me about my greatest achievement and greatest accomplishment in my life today which is my faith in Jesus Christ.  All In Sports Outreach is making a difference in the lives of many. “
David Rocker - Atlanta, GA, Former Football Player - Auburn University/Los Angeles Rams
“All In Sports Outreach Podcast is a game changer! This podcast is instrumental in sharing the love of Jesus Christ through coaches. Not only do we get to hear about what Jesus has done in other coaches’ lives, we get to hear and teach how we can further His Kingdom in different settings, demographics, etc. All In Sports Outreach has done an amazing job with this Outreach and Podcast and I highly recommend it to everyone. #ALLIN”
Logan Simmons - Lampasas, TX, Asst Football Coach - Lampasas High School
“This might be the only podcast in America that focuses on ALL coaches in ALL sports AND all levels. It is great to be able to listen to other coaches share their faith through their coaching experiences. Thanks to All In Sports Outreach for their selfless efforts to share all these testimonies, they are truly encouraging and inspiring.”
Danelle Bishop, Head Women’s Basketball Coach - Cal Poly Pomona
“As a coach, I feel like there is no better outlet to tell about your life story, talk about your players, your family, and your faith than the All In Sports Outreach podcast. It’s a great tool for anyone that just loves sports to be able to listen and learn about coaches, athletes, and families and how they are going through their life as a believer. As a coach, I have learned from the other coaches that have been on the podcast about how to be a better husband, father, and coach and I hope others have had that same opportunity from my interview. What better platform to tell your story!”
Bobby Leidner - Highland Park, TX, Asst Football/Baseball Coach - Highland Park High School
“I love the All In Sports Outreach Podcast! It’s the perfect balance of faith and sports.  Hearing the stories of fellow coaches encourages me and inspires me to be better at what I do. May God bless the podcast with growth and longevity!”
Jesse Frisinger - Meridian, ID, Asst Football Coach - Cole Valley Christian School